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Terms of use KOKOSINJAC ensures the use of textual and multimedia content.
All readers have the right to use the contents as long as they do not violate the rules of use. By using the content and all its parts, you automatically accept all the current rules of use of the portal. Content may not be used for illegal purposes! You use all content from the portal at your own risk and, therefore, we are not held responsible for any damage caused by using it.

Copyright KOKOSINJAC retains the copyright to all its own content. It is not allowed to use the contents of the portal without citing the source! Links to external sites KOKOSINJAC owns links to pages outside its own portal. We publish the links in good faith and cannot be held responsible for content outside the portal. Privacy protection KOKOSINJAC protects user privacy to the greatest extent possible.

Comments from visitors to the portal Portal visitors voluntarily leave comments on social networks/portal. Comments do not necessarily indicate the position of the editors on a particular issue. The editor or editorial staff of the portal is not responsible for your comments. Advertising messages KOKOSINJAC reserves the right to periodically send notifications and sponsor messages to its users.

Does KOKOSINJAC use cookies?Yes, with the primary goal of making our website a better user experience for you. You can find additional information about cookies at the following link: KOKOSINJAC Cookie policy Changing the rules KOKOSINJAC reserves the right to change or modify the rules from time to time without notice.