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Is your health insurance policy covering accidents?


Life is really unpredictable. While you wish for the best for yourself and your family, there is no denying that mishaps such as car accidents can happen at any time. While you may have a health insurance policy for your family to cover medical bills in the event of an illness or disease, what about coverage for accident injuries? Is that also covered by your policy?

When acquiring a medical policy, it is critical to thoroughly grasp the coverage provided by the policy. If you are thinking about purchasing a policy, here are some things you should know about acquiring coverage for accident injuries:


The distinction between health insurance and accident coverage

While most health insurance policies now cover a wide range of medical issues, just a handful provide accident coverage. Most insurance companies provide a distinct insurance product called personal accident insurance that provides accident coverage. These plans protect you from permanent total disability and accidental death as a result of an accident.


Many of these plans also include optional coverages such as accidental hospitalization fees, daily hospital allowances, and other benefits. To summarize, it is incorrect to expect that your health insurance policy will cover accident injuries. Personal injury insurance is a separate insurance product that must be purchased individually.

Accident coverage as an add-on


Along with some of the top health insurance policies, many insurance carriers offer add-on accident coverage. If you do not want to purchase a separate insurance policy for accident coverage, consider obtaining this add-on cover in addition to your health insurance policy.

Aside from the accident cover, many policies provide several types of add-on covers such as a top-up cover, hospital cash cover, critical illness protection, and more.


Advantages of Purchasing Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Here are some of the most significant advantages of purchasing a personal insurance policy:

1. Protection against lifelong disability and accidental death

Some catastrophic accidents may result in permanent impairment. Many of these accidents are fatal. If the victim of such an event was the family’s sole breadwinner, the accident could cause significant financial strain.

Personal accident insurance protects you against permanent disability and death as a result of an accident, ensuring that your family receives critical financial support.

2. Optional hospitalization insurance

Many insurance companies also give optional hospitalization coverage. If you are admitted to a hospital following an accident, this coverage ensures that the insurance company pays for your hospitalization bills as well.

Similarly, you can purchase additional extra covers such as daily hospital allowance to help you manage your hospitalization bills.

3. Protection against terrorism

Many of the top family health insurance packages or individual insurance policies exclude coverage for terrorism or terrorist attacks. Standard policies will not pay your hospital charges if you are a victim of such conduct.

However, some personal accident insurance policies cover such terrorist acts as well.

Choosing the Best Personal Accident Insurance

While you now understand the fundamentals of personal accident insurance, determining the right insurance coverage might be difficult. To make the best choice, learn more about personal accident insurance and criteria such as coverage amount, network hospital, policy duration, and policy premium.

Once you understand these variables, choosing a policy that best meets your accident insurance needs should be simple.

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