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How to Prepare Your Home for Natural Disasters


India is a vast nation with a diverse range of flora and animals. It is noted for its biodiversity and prides itself on its diverse geography. However, each climatic state has its own negatives, and individuals who live in diverse weather situations must be prepared for the dangers that may arise. So, how does one go about doing that? Nobody can ever foretell how nature will behave, and no one can truly oppose nature. But we can always safeguard ourselves and our valuable belongings from nature’s vengeance. As the adage goes, “prevention is better than cure,” therefore we must prepare ourselves before dealing with nature. So, how can we secure our homes from various natural disasters and their consequences?

The solution is a Home Insurance Policy. This is a type of insurance that covers the structure of your home as well as its contents in the event of an unexpected incident or natural catastrophe. During a natural catastrophe, we either flee for safety or abandon our houses as soon as relief arrives. Unfortunately, we are unable to safeguard our homes at the time and must abandon them to the fury of nature. The good news is that, even if most of our goods are destroyed, we can replace them all through insurance.


What are the different forms of home insurance?

Insurers provide a variety of house insurance products to meet the needs of their consumers. Among the most prevalent variations are:


Structure/Building Insurance Requirements Policy on Fire and Special Perils
Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance
Policy for Households (for Burglary and Theft)

Home Insurance Policy Protection


Depending on the coverage you choose, a house insurance policy will protect either the structure of your building or the contents of your home. The coverage covers damage to your property caused by natural and man-made disasters. All insurers give the following basic coverage for this policy:

Fire Lightening
Explosion of Aircraft Damage
Storms, cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and so on.
Burst water tank or overflowing tank/pipes
Missile tests are being conducted.
Sprinkler dripping
Earthquake, for example.


Additional information:

You can acquire an alternate accommodation add-on in addition to the standard coverage. This service is available if you are forced to relocate to a temporary location while your house is being refurbished or rebuilt. This coverage is often only available if you insure the structure of your property.

What are the home insurance exclusions?

Despite the fact that house insurance provides a wide variety of coverage, there are some scenarios that are not covered. These are the scenarios:

Property that has been obtained unlawfully has been damaged.
Property damage caused by being empty for more than 30 days.
Electrical goods with manufacturing flaws.
Property/building that is more than 30 years old.
Withholding any important information during the policy’s issuance.
Normal wear and tear from daily use.

These are crucial considerations to make when acquiring a house insurance coverage. All major organizations provide house insurance plans that may be acquired with or without a house Loan. ICICI Bank also provides house insurance products with low premiums and a good claim settlement percentage. Now is the time to act and safeguard your house!

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