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6 Frequently Asked Questions About General Insurance


The epidemic has brought Life Insurance to the forefront of public awareness, with many individuals realizing the value of this financial instrument. Along with the increased demand for Life Insurance, its equivalent, General Insurance, has also received attention. People are becoming increasingly aware of general insurance, particularly health insurance.

Beginning with the fundamentals may help you comprehend everything about General Insurance, such as Travel Insurance plans, Health Insurance Policies, Home Insurance, and more. To help clarify matters, here are some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning general insurance.


1. What exactly is general insurance, and what are the many types of general insurance?

Non-Life insurance is what general insurance is all about. It provides protection for possessions other than life. There are several types of General Insurance depending on the type of asset protected, such as:


Health insurance protects the policyholder’s health.
Home insurance protects residential properties.
Vehicle insurance, which covers autos, cars, and other types of vehicles based on the policy’s unique provisions.
Travel insurance protects the insured against a variety of mishaps/accidents that may occur while traveling.

2. When should I get a health insurance policy?


Health Insurance Plans provide coverage to assist you in meeting the costs of medical emergency. Because such medical situations can happen at any time, it is always a good idea to invest in Health Insurance coverage as soon as feasible. When you have your first steady work, it’s a good idea to get a Health Insurance coverage. That way, you may pay your payments on time and enjoy the advantages of medical insurance as well.

3. What is covered by Travel Insurance?


Travel insurance covers a wide range of insurable events. The specific list of incidents changes from plan to plan. But, in general, here’s what a Travel Insurance policy should cover:

Personal accident insurance
Expenses for hospitalization
Trip cancellations, delays, or disruptions
Checked-in luggage loss or damage
Passport theft

Some travel insurance policies have exclusivity terms that stipulate how incidents such as injuries experienced while participating in adventure sports may or may not be covered. It is essential to study the terms and conditions to understand exactly what situations are covered by your Travel Insurance plan.

4. Are there any tax advantages to having health insurance?

Yes, health insurance provides tax advantages to the investor. Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, in particular, permits premiums paid for Health Insurance plans to be deducted from the Assessee’s total income. This has the effect of lowering overall taxable income and hence the tax burden. The deduction limit is determined by who purchases the policy (self, family, or parents), the purchaser’s age, and the parents’ age. Senior citizens are entitled to greater deduction limits.

5. Is it possible to purchase General Insurance online? Is it also safe to do so?

It is undoubtedly feasible to get General Insurance online. In reality, a number of insurance companies, like ICICI Bank, provide the option to purchase General Insurance online. While we’re on the subject, buying General Insurance online is not only safe, but also useful in a variety of ways. The benefits of purchasing insurance online include a faster and smoother application process, reduced rates, and the chance to examine the documents in person.

6. What are the requirements for acquiring General Insurance?

The specific qualifying criteria for General Insurance are determined by the type of insurance you want, the conditions of the policy, and the insurance provider you select. Insurance eligibility standards varies depending on the kind of insurance. For example, Health Insurance coverage may have age restrictions and may require you to pass a medical check. Travel insurance may have qualifying requirements based on the nature of the trip. To completely comprehend the qualifying criteria, it is important to thoroughly study the policy’s terms and conditions.


This should give you a good understanding of what General Insurance entails. Depending on the item you want to protect, you may select from a variety of General Insurance policies. In each area of General Insurance, you may choose from a choice of insurers and insurance products. Overall, with the variety of alternatives available, it is simple to tailor your insurance coverage to your specific needs.

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